Friday, 10 August 2012

The world's smallest production car.

Meet the world's smallest production car

At a mere 54 inches long and just 41 inches wide, the 

legendary Peel P50 currently holds the record for the smallest 

automobile to go into production.

Originally manufactured in the 1960s on the Isle of Man, the 

Peel P50 was the Brainchild of serial inventor and Peel 

Engineering Company’s owner Cyril Cannell.

Externally this car was very similar to the original but with many major mechanical differences in the suspension, steering and drivetrain.

Every Peel P50 is hand built in Great Britain. Each one 

individually constructed to their owner’s personal 

requirements just as they did it back in the 1960s.

P50 is powered by a small single cylinder 49cc 2 stroke 

engine that produces 4.2bhp @ 6,600rpm.

The speed is usually restricted from the factory at

 45 km/h (28 mph) by a computerized system, but can be 

increased at the buyer's request.

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